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Dog Photography Images & Stories from real clients and their beautiful dogs. Featuring clients from all over the North West and their chosen photographs 

Beautiful dog pictures, stories & insights to a days photoshoot

Here are just some of my dog photoshoots in more detail with more great images, some before and afters and some behind the scenes. Its just not possible to have all the information on every shoot so delve in and see whats there!

Long Haired Chihuahua Photoshoot with Bailey

This beautiful long long-haired Chihuahua had a lovely personality too. Cool and calm Bailey took his modelling assignment in his short stride and was a perfect, well-trained, gentleman.

Manchester-based Bailey travelled less than 20 mins to get to the studio for his photoshoot.

Eccles - Black whippet Photoshoot

This is a story of 2 Black whippets that came to Atherton for a studio photoshoot which was followed by an outdoor photoshoot in Eccles Manchester. These are some of the chosen client pictures.

For more details and background please click this link which will take you to my blog post.


A German Shepherd & a Retriever - Bolton

Even if you don’t like your photography being taken, that’s no reason to deny the opportunity of capturing a beautiful family picture without you. The stars of the show of course are the children with your beloved pet dogs, captured on a professional photoshoot that will immortalise them in print forever.

Ideal for any wall or desktop, you will be glad you did.

This part set of photographs was captured on a cold January in 2024 at Eatock Lodge in Westhoughton, Bolton.

Atherton - Chihuahua Studio Photoshoot

There seems to be different ways of spelling Chihuahua, at least searching Google for Chiwowa or Chiwawa.

No matter how you spell it, you end up looking at beautiful pictures of the worlds most famous small Toy dog.

Let me introduce you to the most beautiful Bam Bam. Her owner came to the studio after receiving a gift voucher and I am so glad she did. Bam Bam was a heart stealer, so well behaved and loving we took some classic photos.

Small dogs can be so loving and often so much easier to look after, this little beauty arrived in her own little carry bag! Perfection!

Ashton-in-Makerfield - Bichon Frise & Cockerpoo Photoshoot

Photographing black and white dogs together can pose many technical questions to a professional and its almost impossible to get great results on a typical phone camera.

We soon got a grip on it at my studio with Maverick, a beautiful black Cockerpoo and Monty his handsome Bichon partner.

With careful lighting and great post-production I was able to offer their owner some incredible pictures and some hard choices to make.

Knutsford - Lola - Pomeranian Photoshoot

Lola is a beautiful Pomeranian with a natural hairstyle and what about these adorable colours!

Lola came for her photoshoot with here owners who were keen on a group dog photograph which we gladly obliged.

Lola traveled to the studio from Knutsford, Cheshire on a cold & wet December afternoon but soon warmed up the studio with her charming personality

Hindley, Wigan -Magik & Biscuit - 2 Dog Photoshoot

Magik & Biscuit are 2 wonderful dogs that were sneaked into the studio for a secret photoshoot so the resulting images could be gifted as a Christmas present for their human Dad.

Shot in a dark and moody style you will only get the best from these pictures when they are enlarged


Click the pic to enlarge!


Wigan - Ivy - Golden Retriever Outdoor Photoshoot

Ivy is a 2 year old Retriever, well behaved (most of the time) and she naturally knew how to hold a pose.

We seemed to cram a lot of different styles of photos into our one hour session on a damp and chilly November morning.

Ivy had fun in the woods, found a few puddles and finished off with a run or two which were all captured by my trusty camera.


Salford - Manchester - Mikey Morkie - studio photoshoot

Beautiful little Mikey is a Morkie with his on Facebook page and is a little star!

A Morkie is a mixed breed dog–a cross between the Maltese and the Yorkshire Terrier dog breeds.

Mikey had all the swagger of Britains Next Top Model and loved to dress up and pose for the camera.


Leigh - Coco the Whippet - outdoor photoshoot

I met Coco the Whippet in Lilford Park Woods in September with his 2 loving owners who adore her.
We spent a good hour in various locations and took lots of pictures. We spent half our time looking for the prized running dog image!

More details of this dog photoshoot are covered in my blog post, click here

Preston - Enzo - A Working Cocker Spaniel

Enzo rocked up to Atherton Photography Studio like a true superstar after a short drive from his home in Preston.

Full of energy and inquisitive he soon settled down for a studio dog portrait session and gave me some stunning results including a wonderful picture with his owner too.

Black on grey and black on black give timeless monochromatic portraits that will last a lifetime.

Cheshire - Bertie - Cocker Spaniel

We wanted a mixture of poses and running dog images with Bertie earlier this year. We were lucky to get a dry day and went to Leigh loaded with cameras and treats.

2 people are required for a running dog photoshoot and we were lucky to get the owner’s wish, with both ears up on a gallop!

This photoshoot was a Christmas gift voucher present and a welcome surprise for the owner who was overjoyed with the results.

Bertie travelled up from Bramall for his photoshoot and really loved the fields of Lilford Woods in Leigh.

Atherton - Olly, Benji, Beau & Teddy - 2023

Photographing four dogs together can be a challenge. However, with the right help, miracles can happen. 
These four beautiful dogs are my family dogs, Olly the white Pappillion is 7 years old now and the oldest.

Benji & Beau, the 2 Yorkshire Terriers are 3 and 2 respectively and the biggest dog is the youngest, that’s Teddy the Lhasa apso at 1 year old.

The last image in this set is just the same as the first, however, AI has been used to change the background to a barn!

Wigan - Biscuit - Cavapoo

Biscuit is possibly one of the most energetic dogs visiting Atherton Photography Studio. It took lots of patience and treats but we managed it! With her beautiful colour, I decided that the traditional black backdrop would help her colours stand out, and they did.

Tyldesley - Chester - Red Labrador

The early summer weather was just perfect for Chester whose owners wanted some running shots with ears up.

Running shots of dogs can be difficult and almost impossible if you don’t have the right equipment which means a fast lens and camera.

Even taking bursts of 10 shots a second, getting a picture with the ears in the right position does need a certain amount of luck too!

Olly, Benji, Beau & Teddy - 2022

I cannot lie, these are my beautiful dogs, all 4 of them.

They are not always this clean and tidy.

With 2 Yorkshire Terriers. a Lasa Apso and a Pappion, I will never need a doorbell!

If you have more than one dog we can do individual shots and a group shot, it takes time and patience but it’s well worth the results.

Click the images to enlarge, please note these are very low resolution. The high-resolution versions are diamond-sharp.

Chorley - Shiba Inu x 3 - Outdoor portraits

Early February weather will never put off a keen photographer and the owner of many Shiba dogs. On this occasion, we shot with 3 of the owner’s 6 dogs and what a pleasure it was. 

Dressed for the zero degree temperature the dogs performed well against the diminishing Autumn colors that were giving way to the early break of Spring.

Wigan - Loki - A much loved 3 legged Pug

Every now and again there is a story that touches your heart.

This is Loki a 3-legged Pug and cancer survivor.  Still, after many trips to the vets and countless operations, he is such a loving and beautiful boy.

He was a pleasure to work with and I fell in love with him…

Bolton - Penny - A Working Cocker Spaniel Puppy

Photoshoots with puppies outdoors can be a challenge.

Every now and again you have a dream photo session and the hardest part is picking the photographs afterwards. These are just 3 of the 12 images chosen by her owner.

Penny - A Cocker Spaniel a year on...

This was my second photoshoot with Penny approx a year after the first one. What a transformation. From an inquisitive little puppy to a beautiful and well-behaved (well-trained) dog.

This second shoot was diverted to the studio due to bad weather.

A credit to her owner who just so happens to be a dog groomer, little wonder she is so shiny and clean.

Leigh - Golden Retriever - A Birthday Present

A photoshoot with your dog is very much a family affair. Dog and owner photoshoots are very popular and gift you a treasured memory forever and even a priceless picture for the wall or desktop.

Wigan - Billy - The Bitch

Billy is a female puppy Maltese x Bichon Frisé who had a beautiful temperament and an equally beautiful white coat with a hint of champagne peach in her ears. 

Teddy the Lhasa Apso with James

James brought 9-week-old Teddy into the studio for a first photo shoot for a puppy and owner session.

4 weeks later he came back and we photographed him in the studio on a black background to show off his colours. It was partway through when he pretended to be a lion.

Bolton - Bruno the Estrella Mountain Dog

I did a double photoshoot with Bruno in the studio and in the local woods at Leigh. This gentle giant of a dog has the look of a small bear and just loves to cuddle.

Estrella Mountain Dogs are large, powerful, and agile livestock guardian dogs originating from Portugal. They are loyal, protective, and independent, with a thick white coat and a strong work ethic.
I also did a special high contrast black and white picture which turned out fab.

Bolton - Kia - German Shepherd photoshoot

With a quick walk around the beautiful setting in Leigh WN7. Kia knew how to strike a pose.

The Autumn leaves gave a natural orange glow she certainly stood out and shone. Was she tired? Not a chance.

Preston - Ben & Sally - aka - Little & Large

This odd couple are Ben and Sally, a Bull Mastiff and a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier. With snow on the ground… See More

Bolton - Tia - A Tireless German Shepherd

Tia is a typical loving German Shepherd that never runs out of energy. 

I travelled to the clients town near Chorley and found a nice open space in a local park with a tree area at one end. When no one else was around she was let off her lead and continued to run and run.

We went for a walk and….  see more

Atherton - Teddy & Sharon

Its always lovely when an owner brings a dog to the studio that is much more than a pet. To Sharon, her dog Teddy is a companion who she rescued and has looked after lovingly ever since.

It was easy to see that they adored each other.

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