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In the world of equine photography, every click captures the soul of a horse. Steve Lowrey at Barking Mad Photography specializes in exquisite horse photography, blending equestrian expertise with artistic vision. From powerful stallions to gentle ponies, we capture their grace and beauty. Trust us for captivating horse portraits. Explore the art of equine photography today!

How to find me:

My studio is based in Atherton M46 which is easy to get to from Manchester, Wigan and Bolton.

Most of my outdoor photoshoots are taken in Leigh, Lancs. WN7

I am flattered that people travel from all over Cheshire, Lancashire and Merseyside for me to make portrait memories of their furbabies.

Barking Mad Dog Photography Manchester

Welcome to my dog photography studio, where we specialise in capturing your precious friend’s distinct personality and beauty. I am a well-practised & skilled photographer who is passionate about producing gorgeous photographs that highlight the personality and soul of your dog.

I have 4 dogs of my own!

I provide a distinctive and individualised experience for you and your dog at our studio. I specialise in studio dog portraits that perfectly express the character of your dog. Modern lighting, backdrops, and accessories are all available at our studio to give your dog a cosy and stress-free setting. I am aware of the individuality of each dog, therefore I take the time to get to know your pet and design a photo session specifically for them. My aim is to provide photos that you, your family, and your friends will treasure for years to come.

I provide outdoor photo shoots in the neighbourhood woods in addition to our studio portrait services. My photo sessions give your dog a chance to play, run, and explore in a natural location while we take breathtaking pictures of them in their element. Due to their vast expertise in dealing with dogs of different kinds and sizes, our photographers are able to capture each dog’s individual personality and energy in a genuine and natural way. To ensure that we capture the beauty of the surrounding area and highlight your dog’s greatest qualities, I take the time to scout out the ideal site for your dog’s photoshoot.

My dog photography company is committed to giving you the greatest experience possible during the entire process. Custom albums, wall paintings, and digital photos that you can keep forever are just a few of the many goods and services we provide. I am dedicated to giving you and your dog a wonderful experience, and we are always accessible to address any queries or worries you may have.

Every dog deserves to have their individual beauty and personality preserved in beautiful pictures that you may treasure for years to come, according to our dog photography company. I guarantee that the images I produce, whether you select our studio dog portraits or outdoor photo sessions in the nearby woods, will make you fall in love with your dog all over again. Why then wait? Make arrangements for your dog’s photo shoot with us right now to begin making priceless memories!

Recent Testimonials

collie dog photographed on a log Manchester
Guild of Photographers

My name is Steve Lowrey, I am a specialist professional dog photographer based in Atherton, Manchester, near Leigh, Wigan & Bolton.

First and foremost I am a dog lover and I have been one all my life. I have 4 of my own and all the dog photographs in the gallery above are of my dogs taken in my Atherton studio.

Dog Photoshoot Ideas

A man’s best friend can be immortalised in a professional photograph at any time and at any age.

Puppy Photos

Puppy photography is lots of fun and it’s great to capture your amazing pet while they are still young.

End of Life photography for dogs

This may sound sad but it’s a great way of preserving memories of your loving pet dog. I have done many of these photoshoots which are a celebration of life and the results can be amazing.

Dog Christmas Photoshoots

Exactly what it says on the tin! A dog photoshoot makes great presents on its own and gift vouchers are available.

You may want to make your pet the subject of your bespoke Xmas cards, mugs or a lovely framed canvas for a family member.

My photography studio is based in Atherton in Manchester just 5 mins off J5 off the M61. My woodland shoots are local to me but can be held at a suitable location of your choice.

Getting out into the woodland and using nature’s backdrops adds a certain magic to any photograph.

Dog & puppy photography is a passion, I have had dogs all my life and understand the bond and love which I try and capture.

A woodland photo shoot generally lasts around 1 hour then I take the images back to the studio. A professional edit can take over 4 hours, but the results will be well worth it.

Past clients tell me this is an investment they couldn’t afford to miss! Whether this shoot is for a new puppy or a faithful old friend, the results are heartwarming.

Pet dog portrait Manchester
Cooper the Beagle- Dog Portrait - Steve Lowrey

Pet Portraits - Mans Best friend

Taking your pet’s photographs in the comfort of your own home, yard or garden puts your dog in familiar surroundings. It’s important not to get your beloved friend too excited. Just treat me as another ‘boring visitor’ until they have gotten used to my presence. Once the dog is at ease, the best results are often obtained.

Dog training is not essential but knowing to sit and stay helps. We know a few tricks to help too so together we will make a great team.

Session fees are explained on my products page and I have a full range of products available from prints, digital images and wall art so you can spend as little or as much as you want to invest.

Remember, our pets are not with us long enough but a professional portrait will be there forever!

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A dog portrait, a picture to treasure. There’s no doubt that our furry companions hold a special place in our hearts. From wagging tails to wet nose boops, every interaction with our beloved dogs leaves a lasting memory.

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