Labrador Photoshoot Bury Manchester

Labrador dog Photography Bury, Greater Manchester

My Labrador photoshoot was with Clifford, a charming Labrador from Heywood near Bury in Greater Manchester. Clifford had recently undergone surgery and had a few patches on his coat to prove it. These were carefully covered up by me in post-production to ensure he looked his best.

You would have never guessed he had recently had surgery. His happy, bouncing persona was a credit to his owner and her family. Clifford was undoubtedly excited to be the star model of his own dog photoshoot, bounding up and down my corridor and knocking me flying with his enthusiasm.

 Labrador photoshoot with Clifford, a Labrador - Bury in Greater Manchester

For the session, we stuck mainly to a neutral grey background. We attempted a few traditional dog-style poses with Clifford, but in the end, he just did his own thing. This spontaneity made for some truly delightful shots that captured his lively spirit.

The family had bought Clifford a new collar and bow tie for his pet photography session, and he looked dapper! His new accessories added a touch of class to the photos, enhancing the overall look and feel of the shoot.

Photographing Labradors in my photography studio in Manchester is always a joy

In total, we captured a dozen excellent images, leaving his ‘Mum’ with some hard choices. However, in the end, a beautiful frame was chosen so Clifford’s presence can be in pride of place on the wall in the house.

Photographing Labradors is always a joy

Photographing Labradors is always a joy, and Clifford was no exception. His vibrant personality shone through in every shot, making it a memorable experience for everyone involved. Labrador photoshoots can be a delightful challenge, as these dogs are known for their playful and energetic nature. Capturing their true essence requires patience and creativity, and Clifford’s session was a perfect example of this.

If you are considering a dog photoshoot in Greater Manchester, Labradors like Clifford make fantastic subjects. Their expressive faces and joyful demeanour can create stunning images that you’ll cherish forever. Whether your furry friend has just had surgery or is simply a bundle of energy, a professional pet photoshoot can capture their unique personality beautifully.

Clifford’s Labrador photo shoot was a wonderful experience, resulting in stunning images that his family will treasure. His lively spirit and handsome appearance made for a series of photos that truly captured the heart and soul of this beloved pet.

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