The Best dog photography & puppy photoshoots in Manchester

For the very best in dog photography & puppy photoshoots in Manchester and surrounding areas, get in touch.

Big dogs, small dogs and puppies. They are all beautiful and amazing and each one has its own personality.

I am a dog lover, I hope it shows. I love to capture not only the image but the personality of our four-legged friends. Behind every photo shoot is a story and I would love to hear yours. I have taken lots of portraits of dogs for their owners, lots of puppies and also of the elderly dogs, life companions that sadly have an illness and may not have long left with us.

Capture the moments while you can, keep the memories fresh forever. Dog portraits are an investment and I will finish you with some amazing images to cherish, stunning portraits that are special that are fit for a frame on the tabletop or wall art. If you want something more special than a snap from a cell phone, get in touch.

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