Whippet Photoshoot – Lilord Park Woods – Leigh

whippet dog outside photoshoot hiding behind a tree in the woods in Manchester

Photoshoot with Coco the Whippet

On a crisp September day, I had the privilege of meeting Coco, a magnificent Whippet, in the idyllic fields of Leigh. My mission? To not only capture the innate beauty of this remarkable specimen but also freeze moments of her in graceful, effortless motion.

Coco’s ethereal presence against the backdrop of the serene field was a photographer’s dream. The wind rustled through the tall grasses, and the soft sunlight bathed her in a golden glow, creating the perfect setting for our photo session.

Catching a running Whippet is not easy, there are times when the dog was laughing at the photographer.

My goal for the day was ambitious – to showcase Coco’s beauty and capture her incredible agility as she ran with unparalleled grace. It was no small feat, but I was determined to deliver results that would leave both Coco’s owner and the audience in awe.

Running dog photograph - Whippets are hard to catch running

As I crouched in the grass, camera in hand, I observed Coco’s every move. Her sleek form and powerful muscles were a testament to her breed’s elegance. With each click of the shutter, I managed to encapsulate her grace and energy. The joy on her face as she sprinted across the field was palpable, and I aimed to translate that joy into every frame.

Peak a Boo - Coco the Whippet Photoshoot

The results of our day together exceeded my expectations. Coco’s photos are a celebration of the Whippet’s natural charm and speed. Each image tells a unique story, showcasing her grace and spirit. Whether she’s in mid-stride or resting peacefully, Coco’s presence shines through in every shot.

I want to express my gratitude to Coco and her devoted owner for allowing me to capture this extraordinary session. It was a day filled with remarkable moments that will be cherished forever.

Waiting patiently for the photographer to get a move on...

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Coco the Whippet standing tall on a wood log

In the world of photography, every frame tells a story, and Coco’s story is one of sheer elegance and boundless spirit. Stay tuned for more captivating moments from Barking Mad – Steve Lowrey Photography.