Release The Dogs Manchester – Whippet Photoshoot

Whippet Photoshoot: I had the pleasure of photographing two wonderful black whippets in February 2024.

The owner of one of the whippets had bought gift vouchers as a Christmas present for her sister who also had a whippet and one for herself, of course!

The photoshoot was split into 2 with part one an indoor studio photoshoot and part 2 to take place at an outdoor location. I usually suggest Lilford Woods in Leigh for outdoor photography, however, one of the dogs was a little nervous around other dogs so we agreed to meet at Release The Dogs near Barton Airport in Manchester for the outdoor shoot at a later date.

Whippet Photoshoot Part One

Part one of the photoshoot at Atherton Photography Studio was straightforward enough. Two beautiful Whippets entered the studio with their impeccable elegant stride dressed only with the signature broadband collars.

Black Whippet Photoshoot - Atherton Photography Studio is positioned half way between Wigan and Bolton, 20 minutes from Manchester centre

I usually remove collars for all dogs if the owners agree.

I decided that a plain grey background would be graceful and give a subtle pop to each dog.

Whippet Photoshoot indoor at Atherton Photography Studio Manchester near wigan

I took several beautiful shots with some on different and brighter backdrops and one with the young lady who was able to accompany them due to school holidays. I was pleased with the results; the final set of images can be seen on this page.

Whippet Photoshoot Part 2

The second half of the Whippet Photoshoot was outside on location at Release The Dogs at Eccles Manchester. There are 4 fenced-in fields here and each one is secure for your dogs to run in peace in an ideal environment. The centre is well run and there is ample car parking.

The collars and leads were removed once we entered our field and the dogs ran off like a shot. The owners were particularly keen to have some running shots of their beloved pets so we began Whippet Photoshoot Part 2.

Lying down in damp muddy fields is just part of the job and with the careful help and guidance of the 2 adult owners we were able to coax the dogs to run at me. All running dog photos can be tricky but there is an extra speed factor with whippets as they are as fast as lightning.

Using a shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second, I could take around 10 pictures a second and still maintain high-quality images.

Black whippet running in a secure field with the great Manchester sky ever present.

A lot of background distractions were removed in post-production such as sheep and an unsightly fence.

The above photograph has had some editing in the background only. I only wish I could improve the sky but hey, it’s Manchester and Manchester’s sky is always 50 shades of grey.

Running dog image of a black whippet - the image has a sepia finish

The above image was taken in the same field at the same time, however, I decided to give it a sepia-style finish which my client loved.

After a good run around the dogs decided they had had enough of their Whippet Photoshoot and decided a friendly play with a wooden twig was much more fun.

2 black whippets in a field playing with a twig on an outdoor photoshoot in Eccles

The Whippet Photoshoot was finally concluded after approx 40 mins and I took the images back to my editing suit for some TLC.

Each photograph can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to edit and after a few days, the images were ready for the clients to pick their favourites.

If you are interested in booking a dog photoshoot please contact me using the contact form and I will get back to you to discuss your requirements and answer any questions you may have.