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Beautiful Golden Retriever in Milford Woods Leigh in autumn
Black spaniel outdoor photoshoot in Wigan in spring time
Red Labrador dog running in a field professional dog shoot in Manchester
whippet dog outside photoshoot hiding behind a tree in the woods in Manchester
German Shepherd photoshoot on a log in a field in Chorley near Preston
collie dog photographed on a log in Wigan near Manchester
pet photography near me
Cocker Spaniel puppy professional dog photoshoot in Rivington Bolton
old Labrador having a rest - a professional pet photographer near me
Dog portraits wigan running dog
Black spaniel outdoor photoshoot in Wigan in spring time
Cooper the Beagle- Dog Portrait taken on a fallen treen in West Yorkshire- Steve Lowrey
Mans best friend - German shepherd and a small by dog photoshoot Westhoughton Bolton
German Shepherd dog running in a field pet photography near me
professional dog photographer in the woods with a dog on a log Manchester
working cocker spaniel Woodland dog photoshoot near me
running dog photograph professional pet photoshoot Wigan
Shiba Ino on an autumn day in the woods on a professional dog photography session near me in Leigh
barking mad photography dog portraits wigan
a whippet running a professional photographer Worsley Manchester
standing proud on a log in autumn colours a dog photoshoot Warrington
Woodland friends outdoor photoshoot Wigan Manchester Dog and family
Beautiful whippet sat on a log on an outdoor professional photoshoot in Worsley Manchester
pet photography near me professional dog photographer water reflection photograph

Woodland or Urban Setting?

Owners of dogs frequently take pictures of their furry pets in an effort to capture their beauty and personalities, and outdoor images have grown in popularity in recent years. While a professional studio provides controlled lighting and backgrounds, photographing dog photos outside in a wooded or populated location has a number of advantages.

The backdrop’s natural beauty is one of outdoor photographs’ biggest benefits. Woodland regions offer a lovely natural setting with trees, vegetation, and other natural components that can give your dog’s photo a distinctive and alluring touch. On the other hand, built-up areas provide an urban setting with a range of textures and colours that can produce a modern and edgy appearance.

Also, compared to studio lighting, the natural light of an outside environment can provide a more appealing and authentic-looking photo. Natural light may generate stunning shadows and highlights that give depth and complexity to the photo. While the warm, golden light of a sunset can give warmth and richness to the image, the soft, diffused light of a cloudy day can produce a dreamy, ethereal aspect.

Moreover, outdoor pictures provide additional chances for a wider range of poses and aesthetics. Dogs can be photographed as they are running or playing in a pitch, while they are standing, lying down, or sitting on logs. These positions can produce a natural and lively appearance that expresses the dog’s spirit and individuality. Also, outdoor shots allow for a more unforced and organic pose, which makes the pictures look less manufactured and more real.

Outdoor pictures provide the ability to include the owner in the image, which is one of their benefits. This makes it possible to capture the unique link between the owner and their pet in a real-life setting. A caring and endearing snapshot of the owner and their pet can be captured on camera, and it will be treasured for years to come.

The ability to incorporate accessories and decorations that enhance the surrounding natural environment is another advantage of outdoor pictures. These might range from decorative wooden crates or baskets to floral crowns. These accessories can give the photographs a distinctive and personalised touch, resulting in a one-of-a-kind portrait that perfectly captures the character of your dog.

In conclusion, an outdoor picture gives natural backdrops, natural light, and a more relaxed and natural pose in contrast to a studio photo, which offers control over lighting and backgrounds. The range of postures and styles, as well as the ability to include the owner and props, provides a unique and individualised photo that truly portrays the charm and beauty of your furry pet.

Dog portraits wigan running dog

Capturing Your Dog in Full Flight: A Photographer's Insight

Increasingly, clients seek images of their dogs captured mid-run, a testament to their pet’s energy and grace. As a photographer equipped with fast lenses and a high-spec camera, I’m prepared to freeze these fleeting moments. Optimal outdoor conditions are crucial, requiring dry weather with balanced light. The ideal running space ranges from 10 to 20 meters. However, the key ingredient is patience from both the client and the subject. While sometimes a mere 5 minutes suffices, capturing that perfect shot typically spans 15 to 20 minutes—a worthwhile investment for a timeless image of your dog in motion.

The classic running dog picture, ears up, paws up and mouth wide open…

Shiba Ino on an autumn day in the woods on a professional dog photography session near me in Leigh

Big dogs, small dogs and puppies. They are all beautiful and amazing and each one has its own personality.

I am a dog lover, I hope it shows. I love to capture not only the image but the personality of our four-legged friends. Behind every photo shoot is a story and I would love to hear yours. I have taken lots of portraits of dogs for their owners, lots of puppies and also of elderly dogs, life companions that sadly have an illness and may not have long left with us.

Capture the moments while you can, keep the memories fresh forever. Dog portraits are an investment and I will finish you with some amazing images to cherish, stunning portraits that are special that are fit for a frame on the tabletop or wall art. If you want something more special than a snap from a cell phone, get in touch.

All your chosen images will be supplied in digital format.

I can supply photographs, wall art and canvas prints too, many examples are on display in my studio.

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