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Dog & Owner Portrait Photoshoot - Manchester - Wigan - Bolton

dogs with owner professional dog photography photoshoot Wigan, Ashton In Makerfield
Woodland friends outdoor photoshoot Wigan Manchester Dog and family
dog and owner photography photoshoot Manchester
Daschund puppy dog and owner photoshoot- studio photography pet portrait Atherton Near Me
Family and pet dog photography photoshoot Leigh
Ideal birthday present a dog and owner photoshoot from Leigh, Wigan
Children and dog family photography photoshoot near me
outdoor dog and owner photoshoot at a photography session in Chorley
owner and dog photography kissing the dog photo shoot Wigan near me
child with 2 dogs outdoor photoshoot near Wigan
Professional portrait or 2 dogs with their owners who travelled from Preston, Lancashire for a dog photoshoot
dog and owner photographer in a field in winter with golden colours
dog and owner photoshoot Bramhall Cheshire
Dog and owner photoshoot at Athertom Photography Studio Manchester
Dog and owner photography Manchester

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Mans Best Friend - Dog & Owner Photography

If you love dogs, you are aware that your canine companion is more than simply a pet; they are a member of your family. What better way to commemorate your relationship than with a lovely portrait of you and your dog? I can help you capture those priceless moments so you may enjoy them forever as a professional photographer who specialises in dog portraits.

Creating a permanent memory of your relationship with your pet is one of the main benefits of getting a dog photo taken. I can work with you to create a lovely and distinctive photograph that accurately represents your relationship with your dog, regardless of whether you decide to have the photo session taken outside, in a studio, or even in the comfort of your own home.

The fact that a canine portrait can be done at any age is another fantastic benefit. I can work with you to make a gorgeous photograph of your dog, whether they are a young puppy or an elderly dog, that captures their own personality and character. Also, novelty photos with props can add a sweet touch that will make you smile for years to come if you have young puppies.

I offer a variety of customisable choices in addition to generating lovely portraits to meet your needs. I can set up a home visit if you prefer to have the photo shoot done there. And I’m always happy to collaborate and work with you to produce something genuinely unique if you have any particular requirements or ideas for your portrait.

Thus, if you’re searching for a lovely and distinctive way to honour your relationship with your furry pet, think about having a dog portrait created by me, Steve Lowrey. I can work with you to produce a magnificent photograph that you’ll cherish for years to come, whether you decide to have the photo session outside, in a studio, or in the comfort of your own home.

As time goes on I am adding even more props and ideas into the studio and for outdoor portraits too.

A perfect pet portrait of you and your dog, fur baby or best friend is just a click away…

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