Manchester Ex Paw Dog Event 2024

Ex-Paw Dog Event at Angel Meadow Manchester on the 28th of April 2024
1. Beautiful Samoyed

I attended the Ex-Paw Dog Event at Angel Meadow Manchester on the 28th of April 2024 as a guest after I had seen it advertised on the online Manchester Evening News website. I only stayed an hour but with my trusty camera in hand, I offered to take pictures of some of the beautiful dogs there, away from the main arena. If your dog’s picture is featured in this blog please read on to the bottom – Claim Your Photo!

Steve Lowrey Photography Ex-Paw Dog Event Manchester
2. French Bulldog – picture claimed by Rooksanna

The event was well attended with people and dogs seemingly drifting in and out from the main Ex-Paw Dog area throughout the time I was there.

Barking Mad Photography Ex-Paw Dog Event Manchester
3. A playful Black Labrador – picture claimed by Rooksanna

There were plenty of stalls with a great variety of dog goods on sale including amazing dog clothes, accessories and dog foods.

Steve Lowrey Photography  Dog Event Manchester
4. French Bulldog on high alert!

The beverage stall was as busy as you would expect and there were plenty of seats for the dog lovers and owners to rest their weary legs

Barking Mad Photography outdoor Dog Event Manchester
5. Cute & Cuddly Cavapoo – Claimed by owner Laura.

There was lots of judging going on and everything looked well organised and numerous dogs took to the stage to display their looks and talents.

Dobermann picture taken by  Steve Lowrey Photography at the Ex-Paw Dog Event Manchester
6. Black ‘n’ Tan Dobermann photo claimed by Ellie.

I was drawn immediately to the Dobermann and his delightful owner. I mentioned that there are not many Dobermanns around these days and as if by magic another one appeared! This big beautiful boy was well-behaved and took a great photo. Around 40 years ago these dogs were extremely popular but back in the day it was common to see them with docked tails and cropped ears. I’m so glad that practice was outlawed as they look more amazing the way they were born.

dog photoshoot Manchester
7. Chocolate Dobermann

This lively young fellow bounced his way over in complete excitement and once we straightened his ‘Dickie’ he sat mighty and round for the perfect portrait.

Labrador photoshoot Manchester Wigan
8. Chocolate Labrador

All the dogs pictured on this blog were photographed next to their owners with leads attached. As a professional photographer, I also trained at Hogwarts and have developed some amazing spells to make leads, collars and owners vanish!

Staff photoshoot Manchester Wigan
9. White Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dog events are becoming more and more popular and it’s great to see the love between dogs and owners paraded in public events such as this one. I have approximately a dog event every weekend for the next few months all over the country.

Dog outdoor photoshoot Manchester Wigan
10. Staff Bull Terrier Cross.

This ball of energy would hardly stand still for a second, but that’s as long as I need to capture great photographs. Dog photoshoots are also very popular and I have regular dog portrait sessions at my studio in Atherton and outdoor photoshoots in local woods.

studio dog photoshoot Manchester Wigan
11. Border Collie x Red Heeler – photo claimed by Henry.

Dog Photoshoots

If you are interested in a photoshoot for your dog please get in touch. I have hundreds of examples on my website and will always take requests on any particular style you may want. They make perfect presents all year round and I even supply gift vouchers.

spaniel photoshoot Manchester Wigan
12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

As I said before all these dogs were on leads when photographed but they do look so much better without leads, collars and harnesses. That is the beauty of a studio photoshoot. It is in a private room and the dogs are allowed to wander around first to settle and nerves.

Ex-Paw Dog Cockerpoo photoshoot Manchester Wigan
13. Cockerpoo

My outdoor photoshoots are usually timed when the area is as quiet as can be. It is necessary to have 2 adults with one dog on a photoshoot especially if the client wants a running photograph. If you have a particularly difficult dog or you have concerns you can book private fields for an hour or so where you have an abundance of room and are completely fenced in.

Bedlington Terrier photoshoot Manchester WiganEx-Paw Dog
14. Bedlington Terrier

Finishing off my hour I met this beautiful Bedlington Terrier and you don’t see many of these dogs around.

I am no authority on dog breeds so if I have any of the above wrongly tagged please let me know.

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I spoke to some lovely owners in my short but enjoyable stay in Meadow Park Manchester at the Ex-Paw dog event,

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