Maine Coon Cat Photoshoot Manchester

Kittens come from all over the North West to be photographed by me

A Maine Coon Kitten – What is not to love?

I had the pleasure for the second time to photograph a litter of Maine Coon Kittens brought to me by their lovely breeder from Saxon Cats UK.

The first time we met about a year ago in 2023, 2 litters of kittens arrived and the studio was covered in 13 beautiful furry babies fascinated by some of the elastic fasteners we use to secure backdrops.

This year there were seven kittens, just as inquisitive and this time accompanied by their Daddy.
Those little bundles of fur are not just pets, they’re like tiny, majestic lions with personalities bigger than their already impressive whiskers.

This beautiful Maine Coon kitten is standing on a natural wood log.

Picture this: there I was, camera in hand, ready to capture their charm, surrounded by these curious and playful little creatures. Each kitten was a character in itself. One was the bold explorer, fearlessly climbing up my equipment, perhaps even mistaking my leg for a tree trunk. Then there was the sleepy one, dozing off amidst the chaos, and of course, the playful mischief-makers, pawing at my camera strap as if they had plans to take over my job!

Getting a Maine coon of this colour is not common

I love Cat photography sessions

Photographing these Maine Coons was both a joy and a delightful challenge. With their luxurious fur and tufted ears, they looked regal one moment and adorably goofy the next. My camera clicked away, capturing their tiny paws mid-leap, their inquisitive eyes, and those contagious kitten yawns that made me yawn too.

Tail in the air and ready to attack the feather that is just out of picture

The studio quickly transformed from a professional space into a kitten wonderland. Toys were strewn all over, and at one point, a particularly daring kitten decided my camera bag was its new kingdom.

Days like these remind me why I absolutely love my job as a photographer. It’s not just about taking photos; it’s about the stories, the moments, and the adorable, furry friendships that come with it.

The Daddy of all the Maine Coon kittens

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