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From my base in Atherton M46, I am willing to travel across most of the North West, Cheshire & West Yorkshire to a place of your choice. We are never less than 30 minutes away from some beautiful countryside where we can use nature’s backdrop to our advantage and take some breathtaking images.

The choice of attire is yours and we can go formal, informal or dressy. 

My passion is taking photographs that you will love and cherish forever and a day, something you will be proud of for the rest of your life and possible pass down and to show your children and maybe even their children too.

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The bond between horse and rider is unique and can be captured in a photograph

Choosing the correct photographer is crucial when you want to capture the elegance and beauty of your cherished equine friends. At Steve Lowrey Photography, we pride ourselves on being equestrian photographers who bring a special combination of enthusiasm, expertise, and experience to our work. I am the perfect photographer for horse portraits, and here’s why.

1. Knowledge of Horses and Equestrian Sports: I have a lifelong love for horses and a thorough understanding of their anatomy, gait, and conformation. Whether they are lively stallions, elegant mares, or amusing foals, I can capture their genuine personalities thanks to my expertise.

I take into account the fact that each horse is an individual when designing my programmes. Before we begin the photo shoot, I will spend time getting to know your horses, their character traits, and your goals for the session. This way, you may be sure that your equine friends’ unique needs will be met throughout each session.

3. A Course of Action: The secret to success is to plan ahead. If it requires a lot of phone calls to get ready for the photoshoot, I will make them all. We may go over the venue, attire, and whatever else you’d like to cover.

Fourth, a Creative Vision: Photography is much more than simply taking pictures; it’s also an artistic endeavour. I always aim to add a creative touch to my photo shoots, resulting in photographs that are both technically sound and visually stunning. The end product is a photo album full of memories you may treasure forever.

5. State-of-the-Art Photo Gear: To get the best possible shots, I spend a lot of money on professional photographic gear. I have the gear, including telephoto lenses and high-resolution cameras, to get the most minute details of your horses.

6. Maintaining a Cool Head: Being patient and composed is key while photographing horses, because they can be somewhat unpredictable. I put in the time to get to know your horses, so we can relax and enjoy the ride, which will result in beautiful, candid photos.

7. Post-Processing Mastery: My skillset goes beyond just taking photos; I also excel at post-processing, where I tweak and polish the images to make them seem their best. The end product is visual art that is both technically proficient and emotionally expressive.

8. Affordable Rates: High-quality photography should not put a dent on your budget. My goal is to make high-quality equestrian photography affordable for as many horse owners as possible through my many packages.

9. Driven by Passion: My steadfast love for horse photography is what makes me unique. I am deeply committed to this work; it is more than a job to me. By hiring me, you’re selecting a photographer who is passionate about capturing the natural beauty and health of your horses.

Ultimately, when you work with me, you’re getting more than just a photographer; you’re getting an equestrian lover who knows how to capture the horses’ essence. Photographs of horses taken by me, Steve Lowrey, will always be cherished by their owners for the enduring beauty they capture. Here’s to making memories that will last a lifetime. Experience the difference that enthusiasm and professionalism can make for your next horse photoshoot by contacting me at Atherton Photography Studio.

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