Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy Photoshoot

Puppy photoshoots don’t get much cuter than this! This is Blue, a 12-week-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came to my studio in May this year (2024) from Eccles in Salford with his lady owner. The plan was to obtain some adorable pictures as a surprise for her partner for a Father’s Day present. Staffordshire Bull […]

Labrador Photoshoot Bury Manchester

Labrador dog Photography Bury, Greater Manchester

My Labrador photoshoot was with Clifford, a charming Labrador from Heywood near Bury in Greater Manchester. Clifford had recently undergone surgery and had a few patches on his coat to prove it. These were carefully covered up by me in post-production to ensure he looked his best. You would have never guessed he had recently […]

Tatton Park Dogfest Photographer – Barking Mad

Barking Mad Photography by Steve Lowrey will be at Tatton Park Dogfest! Running from June 15th to the 16th in the beautiful grounds of an exquisite stately home at Tatton Park in Cheshire, I decided this is the place to be. Arguably the largest dog festival in the UK, the show is well run, well […]

Manchester Ex Paw Dog Event 2024

I attended the Ex-Paw Dog Event at Angel Meadow Manchester on the 28th of April 2024 as a guest after I had seen it advertised on the online Manchester Evening News website. I only stayed an hour but with my trusty camera in hand, I offered to take pictures of some of the beautiful dogs […]

Release The Dogs Manchester – Whippet Photoshoot

Whippet Photoshoot: I had the pleasure of photographing two wonderful black whippets in February 2024. The owner of one of the whippets had bought gift vouchers as a Christmas present for her sister who also had a whippet and one for herself, of course! The photoshoot was split into 2 with part one an indoor […]

Whippet Photoshoot – Lilord Park Woods – Leigh

whippet dog outside photoshoot hiding behind a tree in the woods in Manchester

Photoshoot with Coco the Whippet On a crisp September day, I had the privilege of meeting Coco, a magnificent Whippet, in the idyllic fields of Leigh. My mission? To not only capture the innate beauty of this remarkable specimen but also freeze moments of her in graceful, effortless motion. Coco’s ethereal presence against the backdrop […]

Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs

Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs Prices vary from year to year so please check current rates. Capturing Paw-sitive Memories: Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs at Steve Lowrey Photography As the holiday season approaches, our hearts are aglow with the warmth of family gatherings and the joy of giving. For many of us, our families extend beyond humans […]

Dog Photography – 5 tips to improve your own pictures

Dog Photography – 5 tips to improve your own pictures Capturing great dog photos can be a delightful and rewarding experience. Here are five tips to help you enhance your dog photography skills: Bonus Tip: Build Trust: Building a rapport with the dog you’re photographing is crucial. Spend some time with them before starting the […]

The Advantages of a Dog Portrait Session in a Professional Photography Studio

In the world of photography, capturing the essence of your furry friend is an art form that requires skill, patience, and a deep understanding of your four-legged companion. As I, a dedicated photographer at Steve Lowrey Photography based at Atherton Photography Studio, share the advantages of having a dog portrait session in a professional photography […]

Top 5 Outdoor Dog Photoshoot Locations in Leigh, Greater Manchester

Red Labrador dog running in a field professional dog shoot in Manchester

Top 5 Outdoor Dog Photoshoot Locations in Leigh, Greater Manchester Calling all dog lovers and photography enthusiasts in Leigh, Greater Manchester! If you’re looking to capture your furry friend’s personality in the great outdoors, you’re in for a treat. From lush parks to scenic trails, Leigh offers a range of picturesque locations that are paw-fect […]