Snakes, Reptiles & Spider Photoshoots manchester

I love cold-blooded animals, they have beauty and elegance not everyone appreciates.

Snakes, Lizards and Spiders all have their own special way to be photographed but I always listen to the owners as they know their animals best.

Professional snake photography for pet snakes, reptiles and spiders.

I have a selection of snake images here all taken at my studio.

There is a Bamboo Royal Python, a Royal Python, Brazilian Rainbow Boa and a Western Hognose.

I is totally up to the owner how we proceed on the day. I use continuois lighting so there are no flash from strobes. The studio can be warm or cold to suit and you can bring props if you choose to do so.

A high quality camera and lens with lots of patience will produce some beautiful photographs.

Snake Photography Gallery

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