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Professional Cat Photography. Capturing the essence of your domestic feline friend, from Kittens to full grown. The art of cat photography is rewarding and stunning.

Let us be honest, Cat photography can be tricky. Cats don’t typically know how to sit, stand or lie down. It can be a waiting game but we can still have a plan.

If we think like a cat we can make it work.

I love close-ups of cats and location is the key. We need to shoot where they are most comfortable, this is usually your house. On their bed, the couch, chair, hammock or on the table.

If we can catch them in the garden around flower pots, trees, outdoor furniture, flowerbeds or just on the patio, that will be a great photo.

I have a trick or two that can help but overall, patience is the main thing, rush it, and your toast!

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