Smithills Hall Dog Show – Barking Mad Photography

Barking Mad Dog Photography had the pleasure of a stand at the Smithills Hall Dog Show on the 19th of May 2024 when the sun decided to put in an amazing Mediterranean-style appearance. The event was very well attended with hundreds of different breeds of dogs in abundance. I was pitched at the opposite end […]

Tatton Park Dogfest Photographer – Barking Mad

Barking Mad Photography by Steve Lowrey will be at Tatton Park Dogfest! Running from June 15th to the 16th in the beautiful grounds of an exquisite stately home at Tatton Park in Cheshire, I decided this is the place to be. Arguably the largest dog festival in the UK, the show is well run, well […]

Manchester Ex Paw Dog Event 2024

I attended the Ex-Paw Dog Event at Angel Meadow Manchester on the 28th of April 2024 as a guest after I had seen it advertised on the online Manchester Evening News website. I only stayed an hour but with my trusty camera in hand, I offered to take pictures of some of the beautiful dogs […]

Ragdoll Cat Photoshoot Wigan | Manchester

Manchester cat photoshoot professional - at my home

Ragdoll cats, known for their striking blue eyes and gentle demeanour, have captured the hearts of cat enthusiasts around the world. Their name derives from their propensity to go limp and relaxed, much like a ragdoll, when picked up. Here are seven fascinating facts about Ragdoll cats that might intrigue those admiring my pictures: Striking […]

Release The Dogs Manchester – Whippet Photoshoot

Whippet Photoshoot: I had the pleasure of photographing two wonderful black whippets in February 2024. The owner of one of the whippets had bought gift vouchers as a Christmas present for her sister who also had a whippet and one for herself, of course! The photoshoot was split into 2 with part one an indoor […]

Wigan Dog Photographer

Yorkshire Terrier dog on a yellow backdrop Leigh Local

Wigan dog lovers have been coming to my photography studio in Atherton for a few years now. Clients from Hindley, Up Holland, Standish and Wigan itself have become fairly regular clients over the last few years. Billy – Maltese x Bichon Frisé from Wigan Billy is a female Maltese x Bichon Frisé who travelled from […]

Maine Coon Cat Photoshoot Manchester

A Maine Coon Kitten – What is not to love? I had the pleasure for the second time to photograph a litter of Maine Coon Kittens brought to me by their lovely breeder from Saxon Cats UK. The first time we met about a year ago in 2023, 2 litters of kittens arrived and the […]

Spaniel Photography in the North West

Cocker Spaniel puppy professional dog photoshoot in Rivington Bolton

Spaniel Photography in the North West Capturing the Essence of Spaniels: A Photographic Journey at Lilford Park Woods Spaniel Photography – An Introduction Spaniel Photography -Welcome to Steve Lowrey Photography, where I, as a passionate photographer, aim to capture the unique beauty of Spaniel dogs in the picturesque settings of Lilford Park Woods in Leigh. […]

Whippet Photoshoot – Lilord Park Woods – Leigh

whippet dog outside photoshoot hiding behind a tree in the woods in Manchester

Photoshoot with Coco the Whippet On a crisp September day, I had the privilege of meeting Coco, a magnificent Whippet, in the idyllic fields of Leigh. My mission? To not only capture the innate beauty of this remarkable specimen but also freeze moments of her in graceful, effortless motion. Coco’s ethereal presence against the backdrop […]

Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs

Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs Prices vary from year to year so please check current rates. Capturing Paw-sitive Memories: Christmas Photoshoots for Dogs at Steve Lowrey Photography As the holiday season approaches, our hearts are aglow with the warmth of family gatherings and the joy of giving. For many of us, our families extend beyond humans […]